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I'm ready to journey

Care-filled guidance to help you purposefully design a life you love.

while having your back.

I coach you through the journey of having “it all,”

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Rediscover and renovate your life.

I’ve taken hold of the “have it all” mentality since I can remember. The problem was, I never got the crash course on how to make it happen. An event planner pivoted to coach, I’ve spent years dedicating my life to helping women purposefully design a life they love. Why? Well, there was a time when I was struggling to design my own.

I coach women who desire guidance along the avenues of infertility, pregnancy loss, postpartum, motherhood and business. This direction called me because of my personal battles within the same exact areas to include needing to shift my mindset. 

Right here. Just for you. I am here to help you cultivate your goals and encourage you to realize that your dreams are vivid, viable, and valid.

I make sure you don’t do infertility, pregnancy loss, motherhood, or mompreneurship alone.

Meet Ivori Nicole

Meet Ivori

And that’s where I draw the line.

You’ve read all the wonderful headlines, Instagram captions and blog posts detailing the stories of women who are able to conceive. You don’t just feel like what you’re doing is enough. You question if you are enough.

because of a body that doesn’t seem to want to cooperate with this whole womanhood gameplan. It feels like you are betraying yourself, as you attempt to remain open to your life’s timing.

Angry and Saddened

in getting a diagnosis you never thought you’d have to face, and treatments that fail on repeat. You do your best not to grow resentment towards family, friends and loved ones that are blessed with the gift of a successful pregnancy.

Helpless and Jealous

about where to turn for true answers. Once you do find an expert, like a doctor, you find more barriers because you don’t understand the medical jargon.

Uncertain and IrrationaL

In your walk through infertility you may feel:

Ongoing support that allows you to remain effective in your own life could allow you to get there so much faster than you would on your own.

Would it mean finally getting and staying pregnant, to bring another life in this world to shower with love?

To take back the control of your health, advocate for yourself and feel empowered in your own path?

Would you discover your passion outside of being a mother, or partner, and decide to grow your business and personal life, exponentially?

If you close your eyes, and think of all the things a balanced life of motherhood could bring you, what would it look like?

I’m determined that you find peace in every step of your walk.

Want a custom crafted coaching program that focuses on your holistic being? Not just as a woman, but as a whole human! Enroll in a one-on-one experience that allows you to peel back the layers of:
  • Infertility
  • Pregnancy Loss
  • Motherhood
  • Mompreneurship

Purposefully Designed Coaching

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Want a speaker that is honest, vulnerable and most importantly, relatable? I’d love to discuss the methods that have made me wildly successful, while remaining true to myself.

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While I am still on my journey, Ivori Nicole understands and is empathetic to my feelings. She has worked with me to become more open minded to the different possibilities of becoming a mother, provided valuable resources (such as a program that assists with obtaining fertility medication), and is not only my fertility sister, but my cheerleader!

"[Ivori] is not only my fertility sister, but my cheerleader!"



Our Resilient Advocates

When my husband and I were going through our journey to become parents, one of the things I would do while grieving and growing was to journal/blog. It helped to be able to document things on paper, and write out my feelings as I was processing them. I would light a scented candle, and just curl up, inhaling the fragrance and letting new peace wash over me. 

Infertility diagnosis and treatment, navigating life after pregnancy and infant loss - it can all be so draining both mentally and physically. But a little thing like letting the fragrance of a candle take me away made such a difference. And that's why I've launched a candle of my own, Purposefully Designed by Ivori Nicole. 

The scents include white tea, lemongrass, and yuzu, lovingly and intentionally combined to help create calm and relaxation for you as you navigate the challenges of your own journey, and focus on your mental health & well-being. 

The “Purposefully Designed” butterfly logo featured on the packaging depicts the transformation as you flourish from pain to passion.

All proceeds will benefit the Warren Foundation’s, a 501(c)3, Loving Our Angel fundraising initiative to increase infertility and pregnancy and infant loss awareness. 

purposefully designed Candle by



11oz. | 100% pure soy
 60 hour burn time | hand-poured


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