When The Wind Blows, Part I: Being Your Own Worst Enemy

Imagine working on a product or service that you feel is needed and will make impact. You work long and hard to complete it. You’re proud of what you’ve created and ready to show it off. You opt to show some trusted people in your circle. You’re a little taken aback when you hear feedback like:

“Why are you doing that?”

 “Who’s really going to buy that service, I’m just saying?

 “This isn’t going to work.”

 “No one is going to hire me.”

 “No one needs your services.”

 “You’re charging too much for your product/ service, no one is going to pay that much. I’m just saying…”

Imagine someone one saying this to you. Rest assured, if given the opportunity, you would definitely correct that person and put them in their place. No one has the right to talk to you like that. As we all know, there are some people who do not want you to proceed. They’ll say anything to discourage you.

Seems pretty cut and dry, right?

Now imagine that the very naysayer that’s trying to tear you down is YOU.

It’s a pretty tough pill to swallow, but often times it’s true.

You are the captain of your ship. You are responsible and accountable for what does and doesn’t work in your life. When you assume the role from those who strive to discount you and what you offer, you are doing yourself a disservice that can lead to unnecessary stress and strife. Remember, there is a huge difference between being real and critical with yourself versus completely counting yourself out of what can be joyous, creative and learning experiences as you build your business, product offerings, and ultimately your life.

Here are some ways to get rid of your inner Negative Norman/Nancy:

  • Speak life back to it. “When you hear “This will never work,” fight back with “This will work because I am creating this with love, care, and an audience in mind.”
  • Build your village. Some of the negative vibes that we feel do come from negativity within our inner circles. Take the time to confront those you love you, remove and separate from those who are not looking out for your best interest, and find your vibe (and tribe) at your pace.
  • Seek higher ground. Sometimes changing your surroundings can make all the difference.
  • Give yourself space. When the pressure mounts and the negative talk starts to rise, walk away and clear your head. Return when your mind and spirit is clear.


Giving ourselves room to grow is difficult, yet necessary. It’s essential to be a friend to yourself and give yourself the same (if not more) love, understanding, grace, mercy, and support that you would give others if they were in the same position. This way, the life you create will bring you no regrets.

Join me on my next podcast where I discuss my battles with my own Negative Nancy and how I lead with affirmations that carry me though while creating.

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